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Jenn Schrenk, wife of Steve Schrenk

Jennefer Schrenk  

Founder, Customer Relations Manager

Jennefer is happy to be the voice and force behind Pitching Coach Pro, a business that provides the highest dedication with the utmost customer experience while providing advanced baseball training and techniques. Jennefer has 20 years of proven success in management, marketing, sales, business, and hospitality. Along with owning and Co-Managing the business with her husband Steve, she currently is the Marketing Director and New Patient Coordinator for a local TMJ and Sleep Disorders Center.

Jennefer has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer service and has implemented multiple programs and guides during her career that have set the highest standards for customer service and appreciation in the workplace for customers and employees alike.  Her well- rounded experience is relatable and diverse, and she is excited to merge her professional experience with her husband Steve's baseball expertise to develop a very much desired family business. 



 "You will receive the highest commitment and dedication from our company. Our words and reputation at the Pitching Coach Pro are backed up by actions. We mean what we say and we have the skill, expertise, and knowledge to back it up. That is important to us! I am proud to offer you such quality services. We look forward to meeting you!"

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