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Brian Cammarota Feature

Brian Cammarota, ATC, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a certified athletic trainer, licensed physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist. Brian currently works as a physical therapist and athletic trainer, focusing on Sports Medicine injuries with Good Shepherd Penn Partner Penn Therapy & Fitness Radnor.

Brian specializes in the rehabilitation of sports injuries with extensive experience in baseball injuries to the shoulder and elbow. His experience includes 12 years with the Philadelphia Phillies where he was the Rehabilitation and Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator. Brian’s multi-discipline training has given him a passion for assessing and correcting movement impairments with a strong emphasis on Postural Restoration Techniques® and diaphragmatic breathing in most of his patients. He presents frequently on sports medicine, throwing injuries, and movement impairments.

Brian is considered to be one of the top physical therapists for athletes in the country and I have had the privilege of having an extensive working relationship with him while in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. Because of our long time working relationship, knowledge, communication, and trust that we have in each other's expertise, it has made for the perfect team as we continue to progress pitchers to be the best they can be physically and mentally. All is done to help players achieve their goals and work towards their dreams of becoming top-level pitchers.

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