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For Video Analysis and Pro Package

Glove Side – From the third base side for a Right handed pitcher, or from the first base side for a Left Handed pitcher.

Front Angle – Looking straight at the pitcher from the catcher’s position.

Back Angle – Looking at the backside of the pitcher from second base.


  • Use cellphone or tablet

  • 3 videos will need to be uploaded to Coaches Eye App or You Tube with your name as the heading.

  • Pitcher must be fully warmed up and throwing at game speed intensity before shooting videos. We must be able to see the pitcher’s entire body on the screen. 

  • For each video we need to see all fastballs thrown from a mound. 3 pitches;

  • 2 from the stretch position  

  • 1 from the wind-up

  • After filming, upload videos one at a time to Coaches Eye or You Tube.  Each video should not be more than 30 seconds. If choosing Coaches eye, Click on videos that you are sharing, then click share, share link, add name, and choose share it through gmail to If choosing You Tube, name each video with pitchers name and email me at the address above when you have uploaded.


  • Please have your analysis scheduled on line prior to uploading video and 5 business days prior to appointment time. Submit your payment from our PayPal Menu.​

  • Video Conference preferred method of contact is Skype to allow for screen sharing, although we will make exceptions for your convenience. 

  • When appointment is scheduled and video uploaded, please email us at with pitchers name and your skype name or other contact.  


  • You will receive an email that we have received your videos and can view them successfully along with a link to submit payment. 

Steve feels a big part of his success at coaching comes from his relevant MLB experience and knowledge, along with his outstanding communication skills, and being able to teach a pitcher how to overcome faults and correct mechanics and techniques. Steve's ability

to communicate this to his pitchers is superior. His pitching video analysis is individualized and unique to you! You will not receive a "cookie cutter" analysis ( where everyone is taught the exact same)  Steve takes pride in determining what works for you and your body makeup. That is his profession and expertise!  This Video Analysis is an ideal and convenient way of receiving private instruction in the convenience of your own home. Steve will send your video analysis back to you with  voice over feedback prior to your video or phone conference with him where you can discuss in depth his findings and develop a success plan. And it is So Easy to do!    

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