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Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies Steve Schrenk

Charlie Manuel.  Photo credits to David Schofield

"In my 14 years with the Phillies I have had many opportunities to work side-by-side with Steve Schrenk. I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the mechanics of pitching and his holistic approach to coaching. His ability to communicate with pitchers is one of his greatest strengths and he uses it expertly to help them develop their mental skills. I believe that any pitcher who works out with Steve will gain a competitive advantage and I wholeheartedly recommend him!"                                -Charlie Manuel

Mark Leiter Jr. Philadelphia Phillies

Steve was my pitching coach with the Philadelphia Phillies system 3 separate years. I was extremely fortunate to have such a great coach and person to help guide me to live out my Big League dreams. He is great at teaching mechanics as well as mental approach. He is excellent at being able to adjust to the individual and provide the needed coaching for each specific pitcher. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to further their baseball skills, knowledge, and most importantly to learn from someone who played the highest level of competition, Major League Baseball, and has continued his experience past playing into coaching current and future MLB players.

Brett Harker testimonial for Steve Schrenk Pitching Coach Pro
Mike Compton Pitching Coach Pro Steve Schrenk

               MLB Alumni

 Veteran Catching Coordinator

        Inventor of Ballhawg

  • While serving as the Phillies Field Coordinator of Instruction, I had many years to observe and evaluate Steve’s work ethic,

    pitching knowledge, teaching skills, and ability to communicate with the players. From the beginning pro player to the

    established major leaguer, Steve’s message was tailored to the appropriate level to maximize both mental and physical

    development. Not only can he teach the mechanics of throwing a variety of pitches to selected zones but more importantly, Steve will make sure you are throwing from your most natural arm slot to create more velocity and less arm stress. He can guide you in both on-season and off-season body conditioning programs as well specific arm strengthening exercises. If you are really serious about becoming the best pitcher you can be, then you must join with Steve and shoot for the stars. Good Luck!

    -Mike Compton

Greg Legg Pitching Coach Pro Steve Schrenk

       Greg Legg


    35 Year Veteran

Professional Baseball

I've had the pleasure of working with Steve for several seasons. Everywhere we have coached together our pitchers have improved greatly in all aspects and have been champions on and off the field. Schrenkie is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with!

Dickey Noles Pitching Coach Pro Steve Schrenk

  Dickie Noles

            MLB Veteran Pitcher

          World Series Champion                 



MaMark Leiter Jr.

        MLB Pitcher

Rafael Chaves Pitching Coach Pro Steve Schrenk

Mike Compton

      Brett Harker   


I was fortunate enough to have Schrenk as my pitching coach for 3 years of professional baseball. His knowledge of both the mental and physical sides of pitching helped me tremendously in my career. Now, as a Division 1 head coach, I use the principals and techniques that Steve taught me on a daily basis.

Head Baseball Coach 

  Furman University

Carlos Carrasco Pitching Coach Pro Steve Schrenk

 Carlos Carrasco

 MLB Pitcher


            Rafael Chaves

 MLB Pitching Coordinator

       Former MLB Coach

 I've worked with Shrenkie for the past 3 years with the Philadelphia Phillies. His experience and knowledge of pitching mechanics, deliveries, and the way he communicates this to his pitchers is first -class. This asset along with his lengthy pitching career and invaluable knowledge makes him highly recommendable! 

I have known Steve Schrenk since 1999 as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. Steve was very dedicated, a hard worker and very positive. Steve now works in Player Development as a pitching coach. He has taken his passion of teaching for the last 14 years instructing and helping our pitchers develop into major league players. With his experience and love of the game I would highly recommend Steve to work and instruct kids of all ages.

"I was fortunate to work with Steve during my 3 year stint with the Phillies Organization. He is a family man, and a great communicator. Our pitchers loved him and he got the most out of their ability. Schrenkie is as good as they come."

                  John Urick

10 years, Professional Baseball

Ryan Beckman

Head Baseball Coach -SPC

Since 2010

I watched first hand Steve's dedication to the amateur athlete. He spends hours giving youth professional instruction on their routine, mechanics, approach, and careers. Without question if you are looking for someone to instruct your child on the mound, Steve Schrenk should be cons.

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